Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

April 18th, 2021 by

Winter tires don’t always make sense, but when seasons change and temperatures drop, those tough built-for-ice tires may save your life. When it comes to all-season tires or winter tires, the best choice depends on snow and ice around North Riverside. If roads are icy and slick, winter tires provide more traction than any other tire and will balance your handling if things get slippery.

All-season tires do work well for hot and cold climates, but they aren’t made for driving on ice like winter tires. These tires also may come with studs, which work better for extremely icy roads. If you find that your car constantly drifts during deep snow, slush, and ice, then studded winter tires are your best option.

There are plenty of tire brands that sell both studless and studded winter tires at Castle Buick GMC. If you’re simply looking to replace your bald tires, all-season tires may work until temperatures fall below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


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