The GMC Canyon Has Fantastic Exterior Features

July 16th, 2021 by

Many pickup truck models focus only on capability and towing, but the bold and brawny GMC Canyon adds good looks into this trifecta. Although some models of the GMC Canyon are more upscale than others, it is undeniable that all trims offer inspiring aesthetics and functional features.

Some exterior features of the GMC Canyon contribute to the overall safety of this mid-size pickup truck. Available LED headlights light up the road ahead, so potential hazards can be avoided. Also, 13 various tiedown locations allow drivers to secure their cargo better than ever before. Chrome Assist Steps also adorn the Denali trim, which offer support for drivers entering and exiting the GMC Canyon in style.

Other exterior features of the GMC Canyon improve its look and feel. From the bold, black grille of the all-terrain AT4 model to the signature chrome grill of the prestigious Denali trim, every buyer will find something appealing in the GMC Canyon. A spray on bedliner is also a recent addition to the options that creates a clean look for all Denali models as an available upgrade.

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